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Redefining Self Care: The Basics

  • Niche Plant Shop 286 Broadway Cambridge, MA, 02139 United States (map)
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This series, led by Slandie Prinston, invites feminists who are looking for wholesome ways to ground and nurture themselves to return to nature and community. Through practicing plant mediation and establishing parallels between plants and our humanity we will explore how stillness, presence, awareness, faith and community bonding shape self care. Featuring meditation sessions, discussions, and Cauldron community.

Join The Cauldron at Niche for Redefining Self Care: The Basics, a night of uncovering the what, who, where, when, why, and how of self care alongside a plant meditation. All attendees will also receive a plant and a shop discount!


This creative form of mediation involves sitting quietly with a plant and tuning in. This activity is performed by watching a plant, keeping the breath steady and observing the way life manifests itself within the plant. This approach encourages individuals to see themselves as plants and reflect on their own lives and how they care for their minds, bodies and spirits. 


  • Share thoughts and feelings about the meditation

  • Discuss stillness, presence and awareness 

Overall the goal is to encourage you to look at plants as teachers, to self reflect and consider how stillness, presence and awareness play a role in life. 

We will be giving away two tickets to this event free of charge. If you are interested in one of these tickets please email us at

About Slandie Prinston

As a writer, speaker and artist, Slandie seeks to create community spaces where healing and learning take place as a collective. Slandie believes there’s power in making space for each other, to share our stories and journeys as we’re navigating them, so that others may feel inspired to rewrite their narratives and walk their path with more faith. Slandie is the author of “Denouement” a poetry collection - published in March 2019 - about releasing trauma and catalyzing her rebirth. Slandie’s work is centered on expanding self expression and facilitating human connection.

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