Badass babes, movers, and shakers in the Cauldron community.


Meet Jamila

Jamila is an evocative perfumer making fragrance that is built on the magic that can only be derived from commonality. They make things that resonate, things that allow us to return to ourselves and things that give us a moment, in a breath, to return to each other. Fucking SWOON. Their combination of using vulnerability with intention, of truly listening and seeing the people around them, of both anger and wonder at the world simultaneously is radical, important, and has us all heart eyes all the time.


Meet Kylie

Kylie is an artist working with movement, writing, and images. She’s interested in making and disrupting patterns, exploring and advancing social themes (especially around queerness, gender, and technology), and using collaborative devising processes to create new work. Currently she is a digital media specialist in Tufts’ Tisch Library, focusing on video, audio, and graphic design. Part instructional designer, part instructor, she works with faculty across disciplines, and with students in those courses. A brilliant, beautiful, radical creative.

Rayshauna is an author, historian, and researcher at Harvard University and Tufts University mapping Black history since 1620. She is writing a book about the last two hundred years through seven generations of women in her family, alongside the arc of U.S. history. Using research and oral histories, Rayshauna explores that tender place where myth meets memory in her writing. We are counting down the minutes till we can get our hands on a copy of the forthcoming Roseland, . She loves Old Fashioneds, pomeranians, museums, the Delta Blues, and stories. We have been awe of her since the moment we met her.


Meet Meghan

This whip smart, uber babe is a Boston based writer and editor. Recently she’s written about weird signs you’re growing up, how to survive winter (super applicable rn), freelancing, me time, and more. Not impressed yet? Meghan’s essays and reporting have appeared in Man Repeller, The Globe & Mail, The Guardian, Racked, Refinery29, The Hairpin, The Toast, Geist, and the list goes on! We feel super lucky to have her in the Cauldron community and as a friend.

PS. She is one of the brilliant babes running The Night Library!


Meet Chanel

Chanel finds love in art making, care in cooking, and joy in corny jokes. All of which contributes to making the world a better place. Her art is reflective, interactive, colorful, and important. Also she made one of the most delicious dishes for the February Cauldron dinner (our most requested recipe to date). We are lucky to know you Chanel. An artist and educator in love with food, natural hair and good times, Chanel is usually in NYC and Boston. Hire her to make, speak, or teach you something.


Meet Savannah


Meet Brandi

Savannah works in the arts at the ICA/Boston (where she met Cauldron babes Kate + Carlie!) and has just begun an herbal apprenticeship with herbalist Brittany Wood Nickerson at Thyme Herbal to learn about crafting lotions and potions. (We can’t wait to get our hands on every single one she makes.) In her spare time she deep dives just about anything but some favorites are true crime, Stevie Nicks, and where to get her next bowl of ramen. Savannah, an early supporter of The Cauldron, is a true burst of light! 

Brandi wandered into public radio and became The Media. She’s currently a radio producer for The World where she uses audio to tell and explain stories, policy, innovations, and identity. In between it all she’s trying to figure out the secret to sour dough starters and finding a place in community and creative spaces. Brandi was an attendee at the second ever Cauldron communal meal, at a point where we couldn’t believe someone was brave enough to walk into a room not knowing anyone and has been making us giggle ever. We are so glad she was and is that brave, brilliant, and babely (and has been back to many Cauldron events since)!