The Cauldron

The Cauldron is a reckoning.


The Cauldron is a radical feminist social practice focusing on transformative experiences through intentional gathering, vulnerability, and fostering community.

This project was co-founded by Carlie Febo and Kate McBride, two feminist killjoys working hard to create community by elevating platonic intimacy, getting angry, and thinking critically about celebrating each other and ourselves. After being frustrated by the lack of radical feminist spaces in Boston, they decided to create one. They met in the art world and became a force together, who then wanted to share that magic.


We believe in taking up space. We believe in unapologetic fury. We believe in intersectional feminism. We believe in softness. We believe in radical listening. We believe in brazen joy.  We believe in vulnerability. We believe in what can happen when we consciously gather.

From monthly communal meals to a digital digest of the current political landscape, from book clubs and citywide meetups to topic-specific workshops, The Cauldron revolves around gathering in both virtual and non-virtual worlds. We exist in a delicate balance between internet support system, digital wing womxn, and an IRL way to meet new folks. In these spaces, we celebrate each other, stand in our power, and get fucking mad. It is non-stop magic.

Where + When

Currently mostly Boston local, coming soon to your neck of the woods. All the damn time.

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Thoughts, feelings, questions, concerns, compliments, critiques, memes? Email us, DM us, carrier pigeon us. Our absolute favorite thing is hearing from you.

You can drop us a line at or fill out this form and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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The Cauldron x HausWitch Event Wrap-Up!

Gathering with no other agenda other than to gather, is powerful. Bringing people together who don’t know each other in a treasure palace (ah-hem HausWitch) is powerful. We felt that power in HausWitch last month. Let’s continue to come together over competition. Let’s support feminist businesses. Let’s get vulnerable and weird with new people. Let’s put ourselves first and share in that magic together.

WBUR The Artery

How The Cauldron's Dinner Parties Are Fostering An Intentionally Feminist Community

“For The Cauldron — an online and in-person feminist community that offers communal dinners and meetups across Boston — dinner tables are an integral piece of feminist lineage. Around them, they gather feminists from different walks of life in the hopes that sharing space will ignite new insights and alliances.”

Top 10 Events of 2018 for Helping a Young Queer Woman Who Just Moved to Boston Find Art and Community

“Wherever you encounter them, whether in the physical world or via their magical Instagram presence, the Cauldron community is a) a fun good time, b) revitalizing, c) full of creative people to network with, collaborate with, and, often, discover the artwork of, and, d) a perfect place to commingle with the bats and learn just the spell you need to smooth over life’s rough edges.”

Boston Hassle

Man Repeller

How to Navigate the Slippery Slope Between “Me Time” and Isolation

“Another example: Two of my friends saw a gap in Boston’s creative community… so they started a communal dinner series and online space where [people] could connect, support each other, and share resources. If there’s a thing you love or are curious about, it’s highly likely someone else loves or is curious about it, too. Invite a few people, tell them to invite a few people, and see what happens.”